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Kill Bacteria, Fight Mold and Control Algae in Agricultural Water

Farms and nurseries face the threat of hidden dangers in agricultural water every day. Bacteria including E. coli and Salmonella can result in foodborne illnesses, while water molds like Phytophthora and Pythium that stay in the soil can have devastating effects on plants and crops.

Safe. Simple. Effective.
The Accu-Tab® tablet chlorination system offers a safer, versatile, and low-maintenance solution for improved operational performance of irrigation systems. Effectively chlorinating well water, surface water and reuse water supplies used for irrigation purposes, the Accu-Tab system kills harmful bacteria and fights water molds. In addition, the Accu-Tab system helps to reduce maintenance by controlling algae and iron build-up that can cause drip line clogs in irrigation systems.

With very low capital costs, the system is easy to install at multiple irrigation sites. The Accu-Tab system integrates with any type of irrigation system, including spray, overhead, drip and center pivot.

Horticulture and Agriculture Uses
Amid an increasing number of states imposing regulations within the horticultural industry, RFID technology in the agricultural industry and the financial impact and hardship associated with crop loss and product recalls, both horticultural and agricultural communities benefit from the value and effectiveness of the Accu-Tab system. Thousands of farms and nurseries across North and Central America rely on the Accu-Tab system as a dependable and simple solution.

System Benefits

  • SAFETY - Reduced risk of spills/leaks; no need for expensive safety systems or secondary spill containment
  • MATERIAL COMPATIBILITY – More neutral pH and less corrosive
  • DELIVERY CONTROL – Automated for consistent strength
  • STORAGE CONVENIENCE – Pails stack for convenience, use less space than drums or cylinders and do not require a separate room
  • MAINTENANCE – Few moving parts within chlorinator; in most cases, maintenance needed once per year

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The Accu-Tab system is backed by trained specialists who are available to provide expert installation and technical support. In most cases, once per year maintenance is all that is required.

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