Accu-Tab Chlorination System


The Accu-Tab® chlorination system simplifies feeder maintenance and yields sparkling, crystal clear water.


Recreational Water Treatment Simplified

The Power of Two: Accu-Tab® and Acid-Rite® Water Treatment Systems

Accu-Tab® Supports Proper Water Balance

Maintaining water clarity and preventing recreational water illnesses (RWIs) are just some of the many challenges pool operators are faced with every day. Critical among them is keeping water balanced (LSI : -0.3 ≤ SI ≤ +0.3). Accu-Tab tablets have a minimal effect on pH in water and help to maintain total alkalinity. Likewise, balanced water supports chlorine effectiveness.

With more than 20 years of experience in the commercial aquatics industry, the Accu-Tab tablet chlorination system simplifies these challenges for recreational aquatic facilities of all types and sizes. Compared to other tablet-based systems, liquid bleach, salt water systems and trichlor feeders, Accu-Tab systems consistently and more accurately deliver the chlorine needed to kill harmful bacteria, control algae and destroy organic contaminants.

When you consider that 90% of all commercial pool shutdowns are caused by low sanitation levels* or chlorine inefficiencies, a reliable chlorination system is a necessity.

So, whether you operate a large waterpark, municipal or hotel pool, natatorium, or a decorative water fountain, Westlake Water Solutions has an NSF/ANSI 50 certified Accu-Tab chlorination system that can meet your requirements.

Achieving Proper pH Balance with Acid-Rite®

Now controlling pH levels is easier than ever with the NSF 50 certified Acid-Rite pH adjustment system.

Acid-Rite eliminates the cumbersome handling and safety issues associated with muriatic acid and granular sodium bisulfate, and concerns over maintaining alkalinity with CO2 systems.

And, like our Accu-Tab system, the Acid-Rite system is simple, accurate and requires very little maintenance.

*Reference: 2014 NAACHO research conducted in conjunction with Westlake Water Solution (Looking for Trouble: Page: 23).

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