Accu-Tab Chlorination System

Accu-Tab® Wastewater Tablets:

Simple and Effective On-Site Wastewater Disinfection

Accu-Tab wastewater tablets come in convenient, easy-to-store 100 lb, 43.5 lb and 27.5 lb pails.


Tablet Size 2.5" diameter x 1" tall      
Tablet Weight 162 gram nominal
Tablet Density 1.98 nominal
Available chlorine 73% nominal
Other NSF-60

We've been a global manufacturer of calcium hypochlorite wastewater treatment tablets for private label distributors since the early 1990's. Today, thanks to advanced release technology, we now offer the next generation of aerobic wastewater tablets under its own Accu-Tab® brand. For smaller on-site applications, including housing developments, oil rigs and rural industrial plants, Accu-Tab wastewater tablets provide enhanced erosion control and reduced wicking to effectively kill bacteria, control algae and destroy organic contaminants in small-scale aerobic water treatment systems.

The Accu-Tab Tablet Difference
Unlike other tablets that contain potentially reactive aluminum stearates to control erosion, patented Accu-Tab wastewater tablets do not contain stearates. The solution is Hi-Sil™ silica, an erosion modifier engineered to help provide a steady source of available chlorine. In addition, the tablets have a beveled edge and smaller 2.5-inch diameter to reduce the impact of wicking and are compatible with standard 2 5/8-inch aerobic wastewater feeders.

The Dangers of Aluminum Stearate
The use of stearates in pressed tablets is primarily a function of controlling the erosion rates. However, the aluminum stearates used in this process are highly combustible and present possible hazards for untrained users. Hi-Sil H-303 silica delivers equivalent dissolve rates to provide a steady source of available chlorine.

The Accu-Tab Tablet Advantages

  • Steady source of available chlorine
  • Compatible with standard 2 5/8-inch aerobic wastewater feeders
  • Does not contain stearates
  • Smaller, beveled-edge design reduces the impact of wicking
  • No foreign ingredients
  • Slow dissolve rate
  • Kills bacteria
  • No mixing of chemicals or solutions

Innovative Tablet Technology
Each water sanitation application requires specific erosion characteristics and Accu-Tab tablets satisfy even the most stringent of requirements, including the NSF and EPA. Manufactured in the U.S., with no foreign ingredients, every aspect of the tablet manufacturing process is controlled from a single location to maintain consistency. Through careful processes that meet our proprietary specifications, Accu-Tab wastewater tablets effectively kill bacteria, control algae and destroy organic contaminants.

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