Accu-Tab Chlorination System
About the System

Simple and Effective Tablet Chlorination System

Learn about the proprietary technology and engineering behind the Accu-Tab tablet chlorination system.

The Accu-Tab® three-inch tablet and feeder system is a simple and effective water chlorination solution. Manufactured in the U.S. by Westlake Water Solutions, the NSF-certified system combines specially-engineered chlorinators with quality controlled three-inch calcium hypochlorite (cal hypo) tablets. It kills bacteria, controls algae, destroys organic contaminants and is available in a variety of feeder models to meet different size needs and chlorine demands.

Minimizing safety concerns typically associated with other chlorination systems, the Accu-Tab system reduces the risk of leaks, eliminating the need for expensive safety systems. They contain no cyanuric acid and no stearate. The Accu-Tab system requires less maintenance than other cal hypo systems because of the quality of tablets and the unique design advantages of the patented delivery technology.

Other Advantages

  • System is rugged, compact and manageable (no containment tanks).
  • Performs reliably with or without automatic controllers.
  • Feeders are simple with few moving parts and no small openings that can clog.
  • Erosion technology helps prevent scale formations—often reducing maintenance needs to an annual cleaning.
  • Transparent lid allows operator to verify tablet levels easily.
  • Tablets, when stored properly, have a longer shelf life than liquid bleach.
  • Chemical is concentrated allowing for smaller, stackable containers (55-lb. pails)
  • Requires rubber gloves and safety goggles to handle tablets.

If you cannot find the information you need, please contact an Accu-Tab system representative.